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Jonathan Mishkin is an estate planning attorney with offices throughout Oregon in Portland, Bend, and West Linn. His 20-years of experience will help you organize your affairs to minimize exposure to estate tax and avoid probate.

Mr. Mishkin employs irrevocable and irrevocable partnerships/LLCs, trusts, charitable entities, and partnerships/LLCs to maximize income and reduce client's tax burden. He allows clients to choose when they want to transfer control of their assets to the next generations.

Although a Will or Revocable Living Trust does not avoid state taxes, it can help maximize privacy and decrease the cost of probate.

The Law Office of Jonathan D Mishkin offers these estate planning services:

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Probate and Trust/Estate Litigation near Vancouver, WA

A probate proceeding may be necessary in order to deal with the affairs of the deceased following a death. The Will is the document that guides probate and expresses the wishes of the deceased.

This is not always an easy task. Beneficiaries may have disagreements about the assets' value and distribution during probate or trust administration. Emotions can become a problem when these issues are among family members. To save time, money, and sometimes, family relationships, it is best to address probate and administration issues early.

Our estate planning firm provides representation, counsel, and advice regarding disputes and litigation to trustees, beneficiaries, and executors.

Elder Law and Estate Planning Vancouver, WA

It is important for aging family members to be able to articulate their future wishes and have them documented according the law. If an elderly or unwell client becomes incapacitated, any assets they have will need to be protected. They will also require medical care. These two issues require planning around how to fund medical care and what type of trust or conservatorship to use.

We understand the difficulty of planning for long-term health care and the daunting nature of qualifying to Medicaid. We can help you complete and submit your applications, handle any appeals or hearings, and ensure that our clients remain eligible for Medicaid.

Elder Law and Estate Planning
Guardianship & Conservatorship

Guardianship/Conservatorship Vancouver, WA

A person may become mentally or physically disabled and cannot manage their financial or personal affairs. In such cases the court can make another person the guardian or conservator.

Guardianship allows the guardian to take over and manage the physical care and custody of a person. However, a conservator is responsible for the financial affairs of the person. We recognize that the appointment or both of these people is an emotional time for everyone involved. We work with you to reach the ultimate goal, which is to secure the person's financial and/or medical needs.

Revocable Living Trusts and Wills near Vancouver, WA

These are two separate documents, and only one is needed to serve as the foundation of an estate plan.

A Will is a document that appoints an executor to represent the estate of the deceased client in probate court. This will allow for the distribution of assets and the appointment of guardians for minor children. It also allows for funeral arrangements to be directed.

A revocable living trust acts as a private, contractual agreement that details the rules a client has regarding their assets to be held for the benefit or heirs and other beneficiaries. These trusts are particularly useful for those who reach a certain age or have a medical condition that requires assistance with finances. A revocable living Trust will remove the need to probate. It will also allow the person handling the estate to save money while also saving time.

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Digital Assets Estate Planning

Digital Assets Estate Planning Vancouver, WA

Many clients' businesses and personal information are stored electronically thanks to the rapid advances in technology over the past decade. Digital assets can include photos uploaded online, social media histories and documents stored in online storage.

Many people overlook these assets. However, they can be very important, both financially and emotionally. A digital asset estate plan is designed to manage and distribute digital assets. This will reduce administrative burdens and preserve your sentimental documents.

Planning for Blended Families in Vancouver, WA

Since divorce is a common outcome in over 50% of marriages, blended families have become much more common recently. This can make estate planning more difficult for those families whose spouses have remarried and brought their children in from other relationships.

Every family, including every blended family, is different. Each spouse must decide where they want to share their estate. This could be among their biological children or a mix of stepchildren, biological children and their spouse. At J Mishkin Law we understand the intricacies behind such decisions, and help you to consider all of your options to make the best decision for you and your family.

Planning for Blended Families
Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples in Vancouver, WA

Oregon has recognized same-sex marriage since 2014. The concept, however, is still relatively new in the United States. Domestic partners who are not married legally can benefit from the rights of the state but not necessarily at a federal level.

This can create problems in estate planning. If a person dies with no estate plan, the spouse who survives may not be eligible for any inheritance. In these cases, the assets will be passed to the deceased's blood relatives, which may not be in accordance with that person's actual wishes. A comprehensive estate plan is required in these situations and many other circumstances, such as estate tax, funeral arrangements, and guardianship of any minor children.

Business Succession Planning near Vancouver, WA

J Mishkin Law is often contacted by small-business owners. It doesn't really matter how big or small a company is, it's vital to have a plan in order for the business in the event of the owner passing away, becoming disabled, or retiring.

A succession plan should be prepared for sole proprietorships in the event of an unfortunate event. This involves choosing a successor, developing a training plan, and establishing putting your successor in place if and when the time comes.

You can make a buyout agreement for partnership businesses. This will detail information like who can buy shares and whether or not the partner must be purchased out.

Business Succession Planning
Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning Vancouver, WA

Consider charitable planning for your estate plan if you are a regular donor to charity. The tax benefits of charitable trusts are significant. J Mishkin Law has extensive experience helping clients to arrange for various sizes and types of charitable gifts. You are free to alter the charitable recipient at will and you can also create an income stream that can be used to provide an annuity to a loved one.

Private foundations may also be an option for larger estates. These are beneficial for clients who want to retain control over their affairs while still receiving favorable income tax charitable deductions.

International Estate Planning in Vancouver, WA

Wills may not be recognized in certain countries depending on the laws of that country. Many of our American clients have assets and beneficiaries across the world, whereas other clients may not be US citizens but have US affairs.

No matter what your situation is, we will take into consideration your unique circumstances and view them through a multijurisdictional lens. J Miskin law understands the implications of international estate planning, including their taxes, assets and liabilities.

International Estate Planning

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An estate plan is essential for wealthy families. If a spouse dies, federal estate taxes can cause a family's wealth to drop by nearly 50 percent. State taxes take even more. It is worse to note that income and estate taxes combined can increase by 75 percent for certain types of wealth such as IRAs and pretax 401(k) plans. Children and other beneficiaries could receive less than half the wealth of their family.

Mr. Mishkin, an estate lawyer, creates plans that take advantage of every tax code nuance and works hard to understand your objectives. He can help you make the right decisions by listening to all your goals and objectives. You create your own plan that will fully satisfy both you and your family.

He also provides generational planning to ensure your family's wealth is preserved and passed on to the next generations. Have a business to run? He can guarantee business continuity for your family members, shareholders, employees, and customers.

Losing a loved one is hard enough without an estate planning attorney. Mr. Mishkin can help you when and where you need him, providing post-mortem planning and documents by deadlines. Through proper, reliable estate administration, Mr. Mishkin respectfully honors the past while preparing for the future.

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Need estate planning information?

Get your Estate Planning FREE PDF download which teaches you
5 important reasons you need an estate plan.

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