Tax Audits

Few things in life are more intimidating than facing a tax audit examination. A tax audit is the examination of an individual or business return to verify that all items reported are accurate and substantiated. Our tax practice focuses primarily on audit representation (in field, mail, or office audits) for individuals and small businesses, both on domestic issues and international/treaty positions.

Tax Audit Defense Attorney Portland

Tax Audit Defense

A tax audit can be stressful as taxpayers are asked to produce volumes of records and answer meticulous questions. This can be very time-consuming and interfere with your daily routine. Our experienced tax attorneys commonly represent individuals and small business owners facing a federal, state, or local audit involving:

  • Back taxes
  • Accuracy
  • Tax compliance and penalties
  • Income tax, including unreported income
  • Employment tax
  • Reporting positions
  • Domestic and offshore reporting
  • Tax shelters
  • Civil fraud
  • Criminal tax investigations and prosecutions
  • Estate and gift tax valuation disputes
  • Offshore tax issues and non-compliance
  • Promoter investigations
  • Tax injunctions
  • Sensitive audits
  • Streamlined offshore disclosure filings
Tax Audit Defense Attorney Portland
Tax Audit Defense Attorney Bend
Tax Audit Defense Attorney Bend

We negotiate offers in compromise, contest liens (including nominee liens) and levies, negotiate installment payment agreements, handle collection due process proceedings, and audits of trusts and estates.

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