Estate Tax Client Testimonials

Jonathan explained everything thoroughly and accomplished what we needed. We were completely satisfied with his help and professionalism.

S.K. in Portland

Jonathan offers a rare combination of impeccable credentials and first-rate client service. His depth of expertise and understanding allow him to craft practical solutions to a wide range of problems. He is attentive and responsive. As a lawyer myself, I especially appreciate his clean and efficient documents, and his thorough explanations. My wife and I left Jonathan’s office confident that our estate plan will work as we intend.

T.T. in Portland

Jonathan’s professionalism made a difficult process easy. He anticipated every question, explained each step in easy-to-understand layman’s terms and delivered everything he promised at a fair and reasonable price. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Jim V. in Portland

Our financial adviser recommended Jonathan to us for estate planning. We were not disappointed. Jonathan knows estate planning and tax issues inside and out. He worked with us to create a living trust, wills and associated death documents (about 16 altogether). Each document was crafted and adapted to our specific situation. He even helped us with the transfer of assets into the trust and changing beneficiaries on other assets. All of this was done for a reasonable price, which was disclosed at our first meeting. As Washington residents, we were initially concerned that he might know more about Oregon law than Washington law, but that proved to not be the case. Furthermore, we only needed to visit Portland twice—we handled all of the other details by phone and email. We heartily recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking tax or estate planning advice or services.

Tim and Jean F. in Olympia, WA

I am a single mother with a minor, and was very concerned about my child’s father gaining custody should something happen to me. I was also concerned about my child inheriting a significant sum of money at a young age and who would assist her. Jonathan was very tuned into my concerns and designed a will with a testamentary trust that provided an explanation for guardianship selection and retained assets in trust for my child to ensure there were funds available for college, etc. I have trusted people in place to care for my child, and I know Jonathan will always be there to answer questions and put me at ease. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of estate planning documents.

J.L. in Portland

Jonathan Mishkin was a pleasure to work with. He provided us with up-to-date estate planning information, considered our personal family situation and gave us good counsel on financial planning related to our estate planning circumstances. He was also thorough, timely and considerate while answering our questions during and at the end of signing. Our experience was a definitely positive one.

Kim C. in Portland

As someone with very limited understanding of the estate planning process, I felt very lucky to have found Jonathan. He went to great lengths to make sure each document was explained in a way that I could understand well enough to make the decisions I needed to make. Included with the final documents was an introduction letter to the executor to help them understand what to do at what will likely be an already stressful and confusing time. If I had this process to do over, I would definitely go with Jonathan’s services.

L.G. in Portland

We are very glad we found Jonathan Mishkin. He helped us fully understand every aspect in planning our estate plan. We feel confident that with his plan, our assets and our family’s future are secure and well taken care of. We found Jonathan so professional and knowledgeable that we also are using him to plan our company’s tax plans. We would recommend Jonathan Mishkin to all of our family and friends.

F.F. from Eugene

We were referred to Jonathan Mishkin by our stockbroker. This was a good call—Jonathan restructured my parents’ trust, which badly needed updating. When they both passed away, the division of the trust’s assets between my siblings and me was seamless thanks to his work. My husband and I decided we should form our own trust, and once again, he handled every detail with professionalism and at a price we could afford. There were no surprises; he is a straight shooter and we will continue to have him advise us both personally and professionally.

Shari and Will S. in Milwaukie

Jonathan has been an enormous support and help to my family’s estate planning and management. He is an active, thoughtful participant in the whole process. He has always provided excellent, timely advice, but he also provides thoughtful guidance when difficult decision making is required as the situation changes. I highly recommend him.

B.L. in West Linn

Jonathan is very professional and efficient. He is also very fair when pricing a project. He thought of things for our will that we had not thought about; “what ifs” that did not occur to us. Not only that, but being the procrastinators that we are, he followed us every step of the way to make sure we completed the project. I have recommended him to my friends.

A.A. in Woodburn

Jonathan Mishkin was incredibly helpful in making sure we understood all of our options in setting up our will and succession planning. We felt very comfortable knowing that what we ended up with would secure our family’s future against any legal problems. Jonathan was also very good at making sure we understood pricing and process before we started anything. We now also use him for our business planning.

Douglas F. in Eugene

I went to Jonathan Mishkin because a trusted family friend referred him. My husband had recently died, so I had to sell my house, move closer to family and then purchase a house. Then came the hard part. What would I do with my assets? What had to change in my will? What signed documents had to change because I had moved from another state? What would I do about my income property? I wanted my heirs to receive as much as legally possible. My husband and I had a family trust, which I found was inadequate. All these questions and more were answered by Jonathan Mishkin. I now am the proud owner of estate planning documents, a revocable living trust, a new will and testament, advance directives and after-life instructions. I found him easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable, as he patiently answered all my questions until he knew I was satisfied. He came to me highly recommended, and he delivered. I am now able to highly recommend him to others.

A.H. in Wilsonville

My husband and I were concerned about our ability to put together an estate plan, faced with some complex financial, inheritance and health issues, and we simply did not know where to start. Jonathan was able to quickly provide us with options and work with us to put together a plan that will serve us now and in the future. His extensive knowledge of taxation informed our estate plan. We deeply appreciate the guidance he provided as well as his interest in making sure we thoroughly understood every element of our estate plan. He welcomes questions and is keenly interested in making sure we keep our plan current by providing us with tools and instructions for making changes, with or without his assistance. We highly recommend his services.

M.C.L. and R.D.L. in Portland

Jonathan helped us with tax and estate planning issues as well as creating a revocable living trust. We felt at all times that he was looking out for our interests. He was knowledgeable and helpful in alerting us to things we had not considered. We would recommend Jonathan to anyone needing tax or estate planning services.

J.F. in Lake Oswego

I am an 81-year-old resident of a Portland-area retirement home. I needed a new lawyer and was pleased that Jonathan could serve me. Jonathan is a personable and competent lawyer. Besides checking my will, Jonathan updated my POLST trigger, HIPAA release and advanced directives. He requested detailed information on my wishes for cremation and placement of ashes. This information is important in case my children are deceased.

N.N. in Lake Oswego