Corporate Testimonial

I engaged Jonathan to advise me when I was unexpectedly asked to serve as the interim CEO of a publicly traded company based in Arizona. I asked that he help me understand the opportunities and risks of such a move and then to review and advise me regarding the term sheet and agreement. I felt much more confident once he and I had spoken and after he had provided me with written comments about the term sheet and its various components. He was able to identify risks in the way the proposal had been structured and noted areas that should be added. Armed with that information, I was able to provide substantive comments to the hiring authority’s counsel, who agreed with all Jonathan’s points and revised the term sheet and agreement accordingly. It very much relieved my mind that I was able to enter into this new role with more confidence and with ability to focus on the actual work of the position rather than having to worry about the details of the agreement. Throughout, Jonathan was calm, professional, creative, and analytical—and he responded very quickly despite all his other workload.

George Pernsteiner

I highly recommend Jonathan Mishkin. I came to him looking for assistance in setting up an international business agreement and had many very specific questions. He walked me through everything, and took the time to clearly explain all of the scenarios. Recently I needed help reviewing a new contract and he was extremely responsive, quickly guiding me through the particulars and getting me up and running in no time. I will certainly reach out to him the next time I need any legal advice.

SCOTT B - Portland, OR