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The IRS is cracking down on abusive tax-motivated transactions. Insurance professionals, financial planners, accountants and attorneys market many of these transactions to small business owners. Mr. Mishkin provides expert witness services from offices in Portland, Bend and West Linn.

The plans come in various versions, but they all purportedly allow the business owner to make a large tax-deductible contribution, and some or all of this contribution pays for a life insurance product and/or medical insurance product. The IRS has classified many of them as “listed transactions,” which is another phrase for “tax shelter.” The most commonly marketed plans now classified as listed transactions are the Section 412(i) and 419 plans.

Experienced and knowledgeable with the design, implementation and purported benefits of such welfare benefits plans, Mr. Mishkin can serve as an expert witness providing a report and/or testimony for the trial. For this expertise, attorneys for plaintiffs and defendants throughout the United States request him as a consultant and expert witness in cases between business owners and promoters of such plans.

References from law firms can be provided upon request.

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