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When litigation ensues, evidence becomes a crucial component. An expert witness provides invaluable insight when evidence conflicts, whether it is presented during a Tax Court proceeding against the IRS, Oregon Department of Revenue or other taxing authority, or in an argument over division of assets or tax responsibility in a divorce proceeding. This insight can help ascertain the correct party based on a reading of the facts. Mr. Mishkin provides this insight from offices in Portland, Bend and West Linn.

Expert witnesses, who have advanced training, education or professional experience, are often retained to provide testimony on matters within their area of expertise. Because an expert witness’ testimony impacts the outcome of a case, the court depends on him or her to provide a reliable opinion based on factual evidence, technical analysis and detailed explanations of technical terms or topics.

Mr. Mishkin is regularly called to be an expert witness on tax, divorce, and trust and estate matters. He is often retained nationally to testify on different areas of taxation. For example, he has been recently retained by law firms located in the northeast and southeast to consult/testify on welfare benefit plans.

With depth of experience and education and a unique comprehension of individual and corporate tax law, international tax matters, trusts and estates, and the Bank Secrecy Act (FBAR and FATCA), he is well qualified to render opinions.

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