Expert Witness Testimonial

Jonathan is a wonderful resource for a wide range of tax issues. I retained him for a dissolution of marriage to help me tackle complicated personal and corporate tax issues. He was ready, willing and able—unlike other attorneys who were overwhelmed by my case. He provided expert tax analysis and even testified as a tax expert on my behalf in the proceedings. He had a great rapport with the other attorneys and the trial judge. His tax expertise and professional demeanor have truly made a difference for me. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking expert testimony or guidance on personal and corporate tax issues.

Linda H. in Vancouver

Jonathan is a skilled and artful consulting and testifying expert. Having a deep passion for, and a strong working knowledge of tax laws, together with his ability to communicate and connect with judge, jury or panel, Jonathan is one of the leading tax experts in the country. Jonathan’s clients value his ability to understand the issues at play and to distill the salient facts helping them create clear argument and positioning cases for settlement, and if necessary for hearing.

Andrew Daniel, Director Securities Litigation for Bates Group

I highly recommend using Jonathan Mishkin as an expert witness in the areas of trust and estate planning and for matters relating to tax law too. He not only assisted my colleague and I prepare for an arbitration trial held in Oregon in the Spring of 2021, which involved both of these subject matters, his testimony during the trial was very influential and a major factor in obtaining a successful outcome for my client.

Lawrence Solorio, Esq. Fair Oak, CA

We retained Jonathan Mishkin to testify as our expert in a AAA arbitration proceeding in front of a three member panel to opine on matters involving a high net worth trust dispute. Specifically Mr. Mishkin testified on the relative fiduciary duties involved in that case and best practices in trust admiration, as well as providing important opinion concerning its past administration and the wisdom of the legal steps taken leading up to the litigation. On direct examination, Mr. Mishkin provided complete and thorough answers and opinions and performed excellently under cross-examination. I would highly recommend Mr. Mishkin.

John M. Latini, Attorney at Law