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Attorneys retained as a tax expert witness are highly regarded by the legal community. Matters are brought to trial against the IRS or state taxing authority with the intent to ascertain the correct answer under the tax law through the presentation of evidence. When evidence conflicts, an expert witness provides invaluable insight to help determine the truth of a given set of facts.

An expert with specialized training and education or professional experience is often retained to testify on subjects within his or her expertise. Because a case’s outcome often hinges on expert testimony, an expert witness is expected to provide a reliable expert opinion based on factual evidence, technical analysis and detailed explanations of technical terms or topics.

As a tax expert witness, Mr. Mishkin holds:

  • Judicial respect – In many instances, the presiding judge has indicated that he or she was swayed by Mr. Mishkin’s clear logic and testimony. He speaks and corresponds clearly and concisely, and provides diagrams when necessary to illustrate his expert testimony.
  • Experience – Mr. Mishkin began his career as a Graduate Tax Policy Scholar while obtaining an LL.M. degree from Georgetown University, where he advised the U.S. Senate on matters of domestic and international tax policy. After graduation, he worked for Deloitte & Touche, LLP and Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP, where he focused on tax controversy matters. Since opening his own law firm approximately four years ago, he has developed a focus on testifying on matters involving federal and/or state taxation.
  • Litigation savvy – Mr. Mishkin has been practicing as a tax specialist for almost 15 years. Having litigated many significant tax controversy matters, he understands the role of an expert witness in the trial process, whether handling a deposition, filing an expert report or testifying at trial. He provides expert tax advice and analysis (as both a consultant and expert witness) on domestic and international tax transactions, and for plaintiffs and defendants involved in litigation concerning tax shelter opinions and tax-motivated transactions.

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