Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

Oregonians are known for their generosity to others. Many of our clients incorporate charitable giving into their everyday lives. However, charitable giving can also serve as a fundamental component of a client’s estate plan. For instance, when a client places appreciated securities and/or real estate into a charitable trust, it eliminates the potential capital gains tax that would otherwise apply if sold.

Charitable trusts can have significant tax benefits. As the person funding the charitable trust, you are entitled to immediate income and gift tax deductions for the portion of the trust that goes to charity. Although the trust is irrevocable, you retain the right to change the charitable recipient over time. Additionally, you are able to create an income stream that replicates an annuity to a loved one.

Alternatively, clients with larger estates and significant charitable intent should consider formation of a private foundation. The benefit of forming a private foundation is that the client retains control over management while securing favorable income tax charitable deductions.


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