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Handling Tax Litigation

Navigating taxation can be challenging. Fortunately, you don’t need to tackle this annual hurdle on your own. Jonathan D. Mishkin is a tax attorney with over two decades of extensive experience in the world of tax law. He has had the honor to help countless clients win tax cases and take on the complexities of tax procedures. This experience includes litigating all types of tax controversies, from individual tax liability and collection disputes to major and complex cases of corporate deficiency and refund litigation.

If you’re looking for results from a trusted tax attorney who remains sensitive to the sometimes overwhelming costs of litigation, working with J Mishkin Law is the right step forward. All efforts will be focused on managing tax disputes early and identifying all critical issues that may be involved in the litigation. By working through these problems early, the aim is to get into a position to push for a favorable pre-trial settlement or build a strong case for trial in tax courts.

Whatever your situation, you can probably benefit from a tax attorney who plans ahead, strives for strong results, and puts the client first.

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Looking for a Tax Attorney in Portland?

There is a reason why Portland has come to trust J Mishkin Law. With a proven record of success in the world of tax law, helping local clients tackle everything from tax planning to tax litigation, Jonathan D. Mishkin has built a strong foundation of trust.

If you're looking for a tax attorney in Portland who won't let you down, the search is over! From our office in South Portland, we are able to provide the highest quality of legal services to individuals and businesses all across the state.

Our legal team is comprised of experienced tax attorneys who can help you navigate complex tax issues. If you need support to minimize your tax liabilities, achieve your financial goals, or manage tax planning, tax disputes, or tax litigation – we're ready to help out!

We can sit you down with an exceptional tax lawyer who takes pride in serving their local communities. Whatever your tax controversies or needs, a great tax lawyer can work wonders. Sometimes, a little extra guidance and support is all you need.

Ready to get your tax sorted out? Contact J Mishkin Law today.

Areas of Tax Law Expertise

Jonathan Mishkin specializes in a range of Tax and Tax Controversy matters. As a skilled tax attorney, he has advised and represented taxpayers across the state before the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue. Specifically, these services involve tax audit administration and any court litigation with the United States tax court that may result. The comprehensive expertise J Mishkin Law offers for tax matters includes:

  • Unparalleled skill in diverse and sophisticated tax issues
  • Extensive knowledge of tax procedures and guidelines
  • Substantive experience corresponding with the IRS, Oregon Department of Revenue, and United States Department of Justice
  • A proven and successful track record in tax dispute resolution


J Mishkin Law can provide unmatched support for any type of business entity, trust, individual, estate, or non-profit organization. With extensive experience in the field, Mr. Mishkin can help clients resolve substantive domestic and international income, employment, excise, estate, gift, and tax-exempt entity tax issues. You will be supported through the entire process, from initiating audits to negotiating settlements.

Though our team is more than prepared to help litigate cases in U.S. tax Courts and U.S. District Courts, the goal is always to avoid litigation whenever possible. There’s no need to stress over cost and exposure. When you work with J Mishkin Law, you will be counseled through your situation and the rules involved to help you acquire a coherent strategy to obtain your ideal outcome.

Whether you’ve just received your very first IRS inquiry or whether your corporate counsel has already failed, J Mishkin Law is ready to step in and lend a hand.

Counseling for Closely Held Businesses

Here at J Mishkin Law, we counsel closely held businesses of all kinds. Whether owned by family or non-family shareholders, our team is equipped to counsel for varying legal and business issues. Having seen countless business owners face a range of legal problems day after day, Jonathan D. Mishkin has been able to curate a selection of services uniquely designed to support these clients.

Everyone needs a plan, no matter the specifics of their business. Whether you build houses or tailor clothing, you need a strong plan to help you avoid that final patent or class action that could bring down your livelihood. Mr Mishkin counsels business owners to meet goals based on their personal and professional ethics, priorities, risk tolerance, and past experiences. With a comprehensive understanding of family business, J Mishkin Law can help develop a personalized plan to support your business.

The services our team offers for your closely held business include:

  • Strategic planning for asset protection and management restructuring
  • Governance for corporate and partnership control device development
  • Personal wealth management for estate planning, tax planning and compliance, and personal charitable foundation management
  • Finance support for loans, letters of credit, and finance lease transactions
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions

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The search for a reliable tax lawyer is over. From audit advice to tax court litigation, J Mishkin Law is ready to help businesses and individuals throughout Portland receive the support they need.

If you're looking for experienced tax attorneys who can guide you through the complexities of the United States tax court system, it's time to take that first step. Book a call today to get in contact with a skilled tax law attorney and discuss your case.

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