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The Challenges of Business Law in Portland

Business Lawyer Portland OR

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a business owner is when and how you’re going to transfer ownership. Family-owned or small businesses often struggle to navigate periods of transitions such as these.

When you decide to move on or retire, ownership transfer is going to be necessary – and doing it incorrectly could have dire consequences for your business.

Identifying the new owner is one thing, but identifying the best way to transfer the business should you plan to sell it is a whole new challenge.

Luckily, you don’t need to handle this difficult decision alone. Having an exceptional business lawyer on your side means that you can reduce stress. With extra support with business succession planning and estate planning, you will be able to sleep a little easier at night. 

Or, perhaps you’re looking to buy or sell shares or business assets. Whatever transactions you might be facing, a strong lawyer will be able to walk you through it, safeguard your rights, and protect your financial future!

Your Trusted Portland Business Attorney

Business Attorney Portland

When it comes to making important legal decisions, you don’t need one-size-fits-all advice. As a business attorney with over 20 years of experience, Jonathan D. Mishkin is proud to offer tailored advice for clients in his local communities.

J Mishkin Law services clients in Portland, Bend, and West Lin, making these offices trusted sources for Oregon individuals and businesses looking for legal support. What sets J Mishkin Law is Mr. Mishkin’s determined focus on finding the most tax-efficient and liability-shielding corporate structure under Oregon and United States laws. 

From starting a new business to handing over a well-loved company, being a business owner is a daunting experience. By partnering with an exceptional lawyer, you can set yourself up to achieve long-term goals while minimizing the impacts of state and federal taxes.

With a wealth of experience anticipating potential risks and avoiding costly litigation where possible, J Mishkin Law is the legal powerhouse you need in your corner. These decades of experience are harnessed to consult with you to pinpoint and address such matters within your shareholder and operating agreements or bylaws.

Business Attorney Portland OR

Business Legal Services at J Mishkin Law

Wondering what business law looks like at J Mishkin Law? Our top priority is to offer clients the best legal support possible from start to finish. Right from the initial stages to the final closing of your business acquisition or sale, Jonathan D. Mishkin will handle:

Business and Inventory Valuation

Sales Structuring as an Asset or Stock Purchase

Financial Statements and Other Important Documents

Drafting for Asset or Stock Purchase Agreements

Due Diligence

Drafting for Transactional Contracts and Documents

Real Estate and Inventory Liens

Franchise and Non-Compete Agreement


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Portland Business Attorney

Commercial Litigation, Planning, and Formation

Portland Business Attorney

Business Planning and Formation

When you start a new business, there are many moving parts to take care of. Spotting issues before they occur, mitigating risks, contract negotiation, and more are all crucial. Juggling all of this can take over your personal life, but it is imperative to ensure these legal matters are handled properly. If this isn't your area of expertise, it is unwise to attempt this without professional advice.

As a lawyer with over two decades of experience, Mr Mishkin counsels clients all throughout the business process, right from planning and entity formation. Having a dependable and safe legal strategy is a key component for any company, from a small business to a large franchise.

With extensive knowledge in business and commercial litigation, Mr Mishkin can assist with a wide range of issues. This includes breach of contract, business fraud or embezzlement, partner and shareholder dispute, insurance law, general counsel, business formations, civil litigation, and much more. 


Business Succession Planning

Planning for the future of your business may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to safeguard the results you've worked so hard for. Without having necessary things in place such as a business succession plan, you open your business up to devastating impacts if the unexpected happens.

Business succession planning is another area in which Mr. Mishkin can deliver compassionate, careful, and legally sound advice. 

Our Legal Services From Portland Business Lawyers

International Mergers and Acquisitions in Portland

Sellers and purchases involved in international mergers or acquisitions both need a capable lawyer on hand.

Knowledgeable in deals of all scales and with a wealth of experience in these fields, Jonathan D. Mishkin is the Portland business lawyer to see for these cases. All aspects of international mergers and acquisitions can be made significantly easier with the right support.

Domestic Mergers and Acquisitions in Portland, Oregon

As confronting as a domestic merger or acquisition can seem, the process doesn’t have to be all that intimidating.

Mr. Mishkin has a comprehensive understanding of how important the well-being and future of your business are to you. By utilizing years of experience in business law, he will be able to help structure your sales effectively and ensure ongoing success across the board.

Business Transactions Law in Portland

One of the foundations of effective business law is impenetrable contracts. When contracts aren’t airtight, you open yourself up to all sorts of risks – none of which a small business owner wants to suffer through.

Placing your contracts in the hands of a skilled and experienced lawyer ensures that your business has legally binding, correctly-drafted documents in place. Doing so is one of the greatest forms of insurance your business can put in place. Plus, it will save you valuable time and money in the long run!

Portland Business Lawyer

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When it comes to legal services, you need to turn to people you know you can trust. J Mishkin Law can provide Portland businesses with an exceptional level of experience in a range of business issues.

Put your business in the hands of a law firm that won't steer you wrong.

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