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Business Lawyer Bend OR

Owning your own business is no easy feat. The hurdles and obstacles that get thrown in your path can feel endless. From formation to litigation, you never know what legal challenges you’re going to confront next.

Handling your business takes enough time and effort as it is. But handling all the legal details is simply too stressful for you to handle on your own.

Whether you’re looking to plan for your new business, sell or purchase assets, or handle succession management, it is imperative that you do things right. Even the smallest issues can take years of time and money to rectify.

Why not do things correctly the first time around? Seeking professional advice could help you achieve just that.

The Right Support for Business Clients

Business Attorney Bend

If you're making legally binding decisions, then it is crucial that you seek professional advice.

Jonathan D. Mishkin is the business law expert you need in your corner. As a corporate lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the field, Mr. Mishkin is uniquely positioned to offer tailored support that other attorneys may not be able to provide.

J Mishkin Law focuses efforts on finding the most tax-efficient corporate vehicle to protect you from liability under Oregon's business laws. With his professional advice, you will be able to uncover the right corporate structure for your business, regardless of how daunting it may seem.

Highly skilled in anticipating possible obstacles and hazards to avoid costly litigation, Mr. Mishkin has helped countless clients save valuable time and money. He harnesses this experience to consult with you to pinpoint and address such matters within your shareholder or operating agreements and bylaws.

Business Attorney Bend

Legal Services Handled by J Mishkin Law

Business law comes in all shapes and sizes. Here at J Mishkin Law, our top priority is always to provide business clients with the best possible legal support. No matter whether you’re in the very first stages of planning your business or whether you’re handling the sale of your company, Jonathan D. Mishkin can help handle legal matters including:

Business and Inventory Valuation

Sales Structuring as an Asset or Stock Purchase

Financial Statements and Other Important Documents

Drafting for Asset or Stock Purchase Agreements

Due Diligence

Drafting for Transactional Contracts and Documents

Real Estate and Inventory Liens

Franchise and Non-Compete Agrement


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Business Law Attorney Support in Bend, Oregon

Business Transaction Law

Business transaction law is built upon impenetrable contracts. If the contract in place isn’t airtight, you can find yourself facing issues that will turn into long, drawn-out processes to fix. Why put yourself through all of that when these things can be easily avoided?

Jonathan D. Mishkin is highly practiced in helping business owners curate correctly drafted, legally binding contracts. Having a secure contract in place is one of the finest forms of insurance you can have. And, you will save valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on avoidable disputes.

Business Succession Planning


Thinking about the future of your business can be confronting. But, no matter how uncomfortable the topic may be, having a succession plan in place is crucial to the safeguarding of your business. Putting off this essential planning can open you up to devastating consequences if something unexpected happens.

Fortunately, J Mishkin Law can help ease the burden. With years of experience handling all business succession plans with compassion and care, Mr. Mishkin understands how emotional this topic can be for business owners. He is well-versed in all areas of business succession planning, including business debt collection, business transactions, reviewing and drafting business contracts, business restructuring, and more.

Business Planning and Formation

When laying the foundations for a new business, foresight is everything. You need to spot potential risks and issues before they arise. For someone who isn’t an expert in this field, seeking professional advice is the best step forward to secure your future.

Likewise, you need to be able to ensure that your business structure is solid and durable. An exceptional structure is going to help your business in its journey to long-term success. This applies to all businesses, including partnerships and LLCs. You need to understand where you aim to be, as this is crucial to forming your business and minimizing potential disruptions.

With J Mishkin Law on your side, business planning and formation is easier than ever. As a business law attorney with 20 years of experience, Mr. Mishkin is ready to help support your new business, no matter what stage of planning you’re in.

Business and Commercial Litigation


One of the key components of all successful businesses is a secure legal strategy. No matter how large or small your company is, you need dependable strategies to ensure business interests such as trade secrets or a right to compensation are thoroughly protected under contract.

Knowledgeable in business and commercial litigation, Mr. Mishkin is ready to assist with a variety of issues. This may include breach of contract, business fraud, embezzlement, partner and shareholder disputes, insurance law, and other areas of commercial and business litigation.

Domestic and International Mergers and Acquisitions in Bend, Oregon

Bend Business Attorney

Phrases like ‘mergers’ and ‘acquisitions’ can be intimidating to hear. But, with the right help, the process doesn’t need to be all that confronting. And, no matter whether you are a seller or purchaser in a merger or acquisition, having a capable business lawyer on your side is imperative.

Whether your deal is domestic or international, Jonathan D. Mishkin has an abundance of wisdom and experience to share. With years of working in deals of all sizes across Oregon and internationally, Mr. Mishkin is familiar with all aspects of transactions within mergers and acquisitions. What sets his approach apart from competitors is his dedication to understanding clients and their unique businesses, working and collaborating as a team with clients.

Bend Business Attorney
Bend Business Lawyer

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Having a business on your shoulders can feel like a burden. With the right expertise in your corner, however, you can say goodbye to a considerable amount of stress. As a highly-skilled business attorney with years of experience across different areas in the legal field, there are plenty of benefits to partnering with J Mishkin Law. Contact the Bend office team to work with Jonathan D. Mishkin and tackle whatever hurdles your business is facing, from formation to litigation.

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