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It is essential to receive tailored advice when making legally binding decisions. Mishkin, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field, focuses his efforts on finding the most tax-efficient corporate vehicle that will protect you from liability under Oregon's business laws. He can help you choose the right corporate structure for your business, regardless of how daunting it may seem. He serves clients from Portland, Bend, West Linn.

Mr. Mishkin is skilled in anticipating possible obstacles and hazards to avoid costly litigation. He harnesses this experience to consult with you to pinpoint and address such matters within your shareholder/operating agreement/bylaws.

Transferring ownership is one the most crucial business decisions that you'll make if you own a small family-owned business. You will have to decide whether you want to sell or wind down the business if you are retiring or moving on. It is necessary to determine who the new owner is and how the transfer will be done if you want to transfer it.

But this can be too stressful for you to do all on your own. Mishkin is your business lawyer and can assist you in business succession planning. This will help to minimize stress. Mishkin can also assist you with succession planning and help you transition your business smoothly to the new owner.

You might be looking to sell or purchase shares or assets in your business. In such cases, Mr. Mishkin will legal guide you through the transaction while protecting and securing your financial future.

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Business Attorney Bend

From the initial stage to the final closing of your business acquisition or sale, Mr. Mishkin handles:

  • Business and inventory valuation
  • Real estate and inventory liens
  • Sales structuring as an asset or stock purchase
  • Due diligence
  • Franchise and non-compete agreements
  • Financial statements and other important documents
  • Drafting for asset or stock purchase agreements, and other transactional contracts and documents
  • Leases
Business Attorney Bend
Business Planning Attorney Bend

Business Planning in Bend, Oregon

Business Planning Attorney Bend

Starting a new business requires you to spot issues before they occur, and do everything in your power to mitigate the potential risks. When this isn’t your area of expertise, it would be unwise to attempt this without professional advice.

As a business lawyer with 20 years of experience, Mr. Mishkin counsels clients throughout the business process, beginning from the planning and formation stages. He does this by placing your best interests above all else, helping you to reach your business goals as quickly as possible.

Business And Commercial Litigation in Bend, Oregon

Business And Commercial-Litigation Lawyer Bend

Having a dependable legal strategy in place is a key component for any business, no matter how large or small. This often involves ensuring critical business interests such as trade secrets or a right to compensation are well-protected under contract.

Mr. Mishkin is knowledgeable in business and commercial litigation and can assist with a wide range of issues such as breach of contract, business fraud or embezzlement, partner and shareholder disputes, insurance law, and other areas of business and commercial litigation.

Business And Commercial-Litigation Lawyer Bend
Business Succession Planning Attorney Bend OR

Business Succession Planning in Bend, Oregon

Business Succession Planning Attorney Bend OR

While it may feel uncomfortable to talk or even think about, planning for the future of your business is necessary to safeguard the results you’ve achieved. Running a business without a business succession plan in place opens you up to potentially devastating impacts if the unexpected occurs.

Mr. Mishkin handles all business succession plans with compassion and care, as he understands this can be an emotional time in any business owner’s life.

He is well-versed in all areas of business succession planning including business structure, business transitions, review and drafting business contracts, business debt collection, and more.

Business Formation Services in Bend, Including Partnership And LLC

Business Formation Attorney Bend

Ensuring your business structure is solid and durable will help it along its journey to long-term success.  This applies to all businesses, including partnerships and LLCs.

Understanding where you aim to go is crucial as it will help the formation of your business and minimise any disruptions that may impact your business’ foundations.

With J Mishkin Law on your side through your business formation process, you’ll reap the benefits of knowing your business is on the path to success.

Business Formation Attorney Bend
Business Transaction Attorney Bend

Business Transactions Law in Bend, Oregon

Business Transaction Attorney Bend

Impenetrable contracts are at the core of business transaction law. Without an airtight written contract in place, issues that could have been easily overcome can turn into long, drawn-out processes.

Ensuring your business has legally binding, correctly-drafted contracts written by an experienced business lawyer such as Mr. Mishkin can easily be one of the best forms of insurance your business has.

Without this, you may spend a lot of time and money on disputes that could have been avoided.

Domestic Mergers And Acquisitions in Bend, Oregon

Domestic Mergers Acquisitions Bend

A domestic merger or acquisition can sound confronting, but it doesn’t need to be an intimidating process.

Mr. Mishkin understands how important your business and its future is to you, and utilizes his years of experience in business law to ensure its continued success.

Whether you’re starting, buying, or selling a business in Oregon, he is skilled in structuring sales in the most effective way.

Domestic Mergers Acquisitions Bend
international mergers and acquisitions lawyer Bend

International Mergers And Acquisitions in Bend, Oregon

international mergers and acquisitions lawyer Bend

Whether you are the seller or purchaser during an international merger or acquisition, having a capable business lawyer is critical.

With a wealth of experience in international mergers and acquisitions as well as domestic, Mr. Mishkin is the lawyer to see for such issues in Oregon. He makes every effort to understand his clients and their businesses, and works with clients as a team.

Furthermore, he is knowledgeable in deals of all sizes, and is familiar with all aspects of transactions within international mergers and acquisitions.

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