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Expert tax law guidance, strategic planning, and resolution of tax issues with dedicated tax attorneys. 

West Linn Tax Law Attorneys

Your Dedicated Tax Lawyer in West Linn

Tax debt, tax liabilities, and other tax issues can weigh heavily on you and impact your daily life. Whether you've experienced tax controversy before or are facing your first IRS tax audit, nobody likes having tax issues hanging over their head.

There's enough stress in life as it is, between work, raising a family, and finding time for yourself without having to worry about the Internal Revenue Service and their audit results. 

No matter where you are in West Linn or what you require a tax lawyer for, The Law Office on Jonathan M Mishkin is here to help you and always aim for the most favorable outcome.

West Linn OR Tax Law Attorneys

Our tax law service represents taxpayers and offers personal service depending on your unique tax needs. We understand any tax procedure can be stressful, and our aim is to ease that stress by taking your matters into our hands. Whether you're looking at spending time in tax court, fighting the district courts, or estate planning, we're no stranger to tax controversy.

As an Oregon taxpayer, you deserve to see the most favorable outcome, which is just what our personal service here in West Linn aims to provide.

Our Areas of Tax Law Expertise

Tax Lawyer West Linn

We're experienced in many types of tax procedure, including:

  • Wills / Trust planning
  • Gifting strategies and techniques
  • International estate planning, including offshore trusts
  • Life insurance planning
  • Charitable giving and entities
  • Succession planning for business owners, including buy-sell agreements
  • Estate administration and probate
  • Estate and gift tax audit defense
  • Trust and estate tax dispute litigation for any aspect
  • Tax debt
  • Tax court
  • Estate planning
  • Penalty relief
Tax Lawyer West Linn Or

Ready to get rid of your tax court worries with the help of an experienced tax attorney?

Bend OR Tax Lawyer

The Benefits of Utilizing a Tax Attorney

Bend OR Tax Lawyer

Tax laws and regulations can be incredibly complex, making hiring a tax attorney a wise choice. Our personal service offers benefits such as:

  • Expertise in many areas of tax law
  • Tax planning
  • Legal representation for tax issues
  • Negotiation skills
  • Litigation support
  • Tax compliance
  • Confidentiality privilege
  • Guidance on complex transactions
  • Legal compliance
  • Personalized advice

Frequently Asked Questions 

Other than tax law, what else can you help me with in West Linn? 

In addition to dealing with tax controversy, our personal service extends to:

  • Asset-protection planning
  • Management structure analysis
  • Succession planning for owners 
  • Corporate and partnership control device development
  • Minority-shareholder evaluation
  • Management succession planning
  • Ownership and management restructuring
  • Buy-sell agreement arrangement
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Personal charitable foundation management
  • Loans, letter of credit and finance lease transactions
  • Venture capital and other private equity transactions
  • Structured finance transactions
  • Strategic acquisition expansion advisory
  • Sell-out advisory
  • Spin-off and spin-out advisory
  • Transaction tax consequence analysis
  • Financial adviser search and support


Where are you located? 

Our office is located at 24700 SW Valley Road, West Linn, OR 97068.

Why We're the Go-To for a Tax Attorney in West Linn

Varied Tax Experience

With experience in tax debt, tax controversy, IRS tax audit cases, and more, we've been serving West Linn taxpayers in many areas of tax law for many years.

Convenient Location

You can find us just west of Oregon City, in peaceful West Linn.

IRS Experience

As your audit defense, we use our years of experience representing taxpayers against the IRS to aim for the best possible outcome.

Committed to Providing Personal Service for Your Tax Issues

Tax Attorney West Linn

As tax law is intricate and typically difficult to navigate, it's wise to consider utilizing a dedicated tax attorney for any tax controversy or other tax issues you may have. Offering personal service and a wealth of experience in tax debt, IRS issues, bankruptcy, estate planning, and more, we'll explore every avenue to resolve your tax issue and protect your rights. To experience the difference a tax attorney dedicated to serving West Linn residents can make, contact us today. 

Tax Attorney West Linn

Our Locations

We have 3 convenient offices in Oregon and can also offer online consultations.

Get in touch with your preferred location and we'll help you out!

Portland Law Office 

The Law Office of Jonathan D. Mishkin, P.C.

4380 South Macadam Avenue, Suite 190

Portland, OR 97239

(503) 274-7849

Bend Law Office 

The Law Office of Jonathan D. Mishkin, P.C.

390 SW Columbia Street, Suite 120

Bend, OR 97702

(503) 550-1444

West Linn Law Office

The Law Office of Jonathan D. Mishkin, P.C.

24700 SW Valley View Road

West Linn, OR 97068

(503) 453-0577

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