Tax Laws & Dividing Assets in Divorce

divorce law and splitting assets

The following is a transcript of an interview with Heidi Sherman and Jonathan Mishkin. They discuss recent changes to tax laws and how they could impact dividing assets in divorce. Video Transcript: Heidi: Hi, I’m Heidi Sherman with Jill Brittle Family Law Group. This morning I have Jonathan Mishkin with me who manages his own…

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The CARES Act & How It Affects You

Individual Income tax return

An interview between Heidi Sherman and Jonathan Mishkin.Heidi is a Senior Associate Attorney at Jill Brittle Law Group. Today we spoke primarily about the CARES Act. Video Transcript: Heidi Sherman  00:04 Hi, I’m Heidi Sherman with Jill Brittle Law Group. I have with me this morning, Jonathan Mishkin who manages his own law firm. Good…

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