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Estate planning attorney Jonathan Mishkin can help you avoid probate and/or mitigate your income, gift and estate tax exposure through proper planning and organization of your assets. Mr. Mishkin serves client from offices in PortlandBend and West Linn. He structures your affairs through the use of trusts, partnerships/LLCs and corporations to manage your wealth tax efficiently, while allowing you to choose the appropriate time to cede control of wealth to the next generation to reduce estate tax exposure. While a well-drafted foundational estate plan (i.e., a Will or Revocable Living Trust) does not mitigate state taxes, we are able to maximize privacy and reduce the time and cost of probate.

attorney for estate planning portland oregon
attorney for estate planning portland oregon

Without estate tax planning, an affluent family may see their wealth decrease by almost 50 percent due to federal estate taxes when a surviving spouse passes away and states take even more due to state estate taxes. Worse yet, certain forms of wealth, such as pre-tax 401(k) plans and IRAs, can swell income and estate taxes combined to 75 percent. Consequentially, children and other beneficiaries may receive less than half of the family’s wealth.

Estate lawyer Mr. Mishkin structures plans to benefit from every tax code nuance while working hard to understand your unique objectives. By closely listening to your specific perspectives, goals and needs, he can counsel you on the best decisions with suitable recommendations. In effect, you both develop your plan to fully satisfy you and your family. Meanwhile, he provides generational planning for your family’s wealth to be optimally retained and administered to future generations. Own a business? He can assure business continuity and value for your family, shareholders, employees and customers.

Losing a loved one is hard enough without an estate planning attorney. Mr. Mishkin can help you when and where you need him, providing post-mortem planning and documents by deadlines. Through proper, reliable estate administration, Mr. Mishkin respectfully honors the past while preparing for the future.

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